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The leader of dreams

Get ready to witness the magic that unfolds under Melanie’s creative helm! A visionary extraordinaire, she’s the heart and soul of the Splendid team, whose center of gravity is always found in the finer details. Following years of experience as an event, conference, and campaign developer for the European Commission in Brussels, Melanie founded Splendid Events to hone her passion for research, design, and coordination. Her superpower? Being omnipresent, regardless of location or time zones. Above all, she loves to create exceptional events that transcend time and space. With an eye for perfection and a reputation for bringing the impossible to fruition, Melanie cultivates an amazing atmosphere of trust and camaraderie that sets the stage for an unforgettable journey. 

Events &
Production Manager

The magic-maker 

Infusing any space with a touch of whimsy and a sprinkle of magic, Eliana excels in creating unforgettable experiences with flawless execution. She also loves bringing people together, with a true gift for connecting hearts and kindling emotions. Although Eliana has been pursuing a professional career in the events industry for over a decade, she still has an insatiable thirst for innovation. So it comes as no surprise that she never stops exploring and has a real passion for pushing boundaries. When she’s not working? You’ll still find her at parties, mixing and mingling, while contemplating new creative ideas.

You don't often come across a phenomenal floral designer that once worked in finance. But the odd exception always makes you stand back in awe. Once Marina realized that restricted cubicles and endless hours on the computer did not make her soul sing, she began to tap into her childhood creativity. Starting anew in event management, she now combines her managerial skills with heaps of imagination. Never one to say no to a novel challenge, Marina has an uncanny ability to anticipate every desire and transform each event into a celebration of the exceptional. 

Prepare to be spellbound by this events enchantress, armed with remarkable experience. From the enchanting Disneyland Paris to the vibrant events scene in Geneva, Margarita has done it all, always passionate about bringing magical fairytales to life. So it comes as little surprise that her background in international hospitality and proficiency in five languages ensure that every global event is a truly world-class affair. Her absolute forte? Balancing meticulous organizational skills and a fiercely creative mind in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment where no two days are alike. 

The game-changer


The master of fairytales 

Head Floral Designer 

erin christodolou

The natural-born creator 

head floral

Meet our floral magician and daring event designer! A curious creator at heart, her restless spirit led her to where she is today, adding the final touch to mesmerizing floral arrangements and out-of-this-world designs from morning to night. Confidently declaring this is her ‘dream job’, she finds weddings and events beautifully infectious, and her creative senses tingle as she transforms venues into enchanting wonderlands. Suffice to say, no design is too small or too challenging for Erin. And there are no excuses when it comes to a fine celebration!

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melanie potamitou


margarita pitsilidou

head floral

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If you're ready to be a part of one of the most successful event planning studios in Cyprus, browse our open job positions and apply today! We're excited to welcome passionate, dedicated individuals to our team who share our commitment to excellence and creativity.

Say hello to our design guru and visuals mastermind. A woman of many talents, Ioanna effortlessly combines marketing expertise with a fiery flair for interior design and wild imagination. Blessed with an innate talent for turning client visions into remarkable realities, she thrives in the Splendid world. With a keen eye for detail and a natural ability to understand client desires, Ioanna has a wonderful knack for crafting awe-inspiring dance floors, curating mood boards that evoke emotions, and thoughtfully selecting materials and fabrics that elevate spaces to new heights.

The dedicated visionary

design & visuals manager


The logistics whizz

Project Coordinator  

Athina is our project orchestrator and master coordinator. Above all, she’s a natural-born planner and event management pro who knows just about everything there is to know about logistics. She’s driven, she’s dedicated, and she’s the epitome of a ‘doer’. With a passion for precision and a thirst for bringing new ideas to life, she juggles timelines and collaborates with clients and vendors to ensure the most harmonious synergy. The end result? Every detail of every event falls into place like a carefully crafted puzzle.  



Precise planning and exact logistics ensure complete peace of mind under Stefania’s care. From brainstorming to execution, she bridges client aspirations with all the finer details. An expert at identifying client needs and desires, this dynamic coordinator and administrator is also blessed with an innate talent for juggling countless demands. Simply put, she’s always effortlessly navigating timelines, budgets, vendors, and décor to ensure every celebration is simply outstanding.


The meticulous multitasker 

anna christodoulou

The fabulous florist


Anna’s whole life is a blossoming love affair with flowers. From a young age, she has been weaving botanical dreams into life, dashing about to deliver flowers from door to door, running her own flower shop, and designing events bursting with blooming magic. A self-professed workaholic, she taps into her wide-ranging skills and fascinating knowledge about fabulous flora to design a canvas of colours and emotions for every event. Whether designing an intimate private party or a grand wedding, every petal has a tremendous tale to tell.


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